Premium Edition

Premium Edition of Remote Desktop Control software can access computer either inside huge local area network or via the Internet. Special Account Connection at our web server allows connecting to remote computer behind firewall or router, when remote PC has dynamic IP, in cases of complicated network topology, when the user on the other side has no knowledge about computer network administration at all.

Use Online accounts if you have problems to connect remote computer remotely

The Host Computer and the Admin Computer uses standard HTTP port to connect the gateway server, so firewall and router allows this connection by default. Both computers use login and password of your personal account to get connected together. After handshake, the gateway server just forwards TCP/IP packets from your computer to remote PC, and vice versa.

You'll be notified about incoming remote connections

Premium edition contains all features of Standard Edition plus access to online account. There is an annual subscription fee for Account server lease.

How to get the system to work

Remote Desktop Control is very easy to deploy. Just follow these few steps and you will get the system to work:

  1. Go to the computer you want to control, it is a Host Computer. Install the Host Module (or both modules) of Remote Desktop Control product there. You may download the installation package right from our site onto that computer or ask somebody to do this task for you. Make sure that the Host Module is running on the remote PC.
  2. Go to your own PC, it is Admin Computer. Download a setup package and install at least the Admin Module. The installation package is the same and contains admin and host modules together.
  3. Start the Admin Module on your PC via the desktop shortcut or Start menu. Add the host computer IP address to the address book. In some cases you have to use Internet gateway.
  4. Connect to the remote computer using the "Connect" button.
  5. You may use "View Only" button to observe what is going on the remote PC.
  6. Press the "Full Control" button and control the remote PC with your mouse and keyboard. Use "Remote Screen Window" which appears or switch to a full screen mode.

If you don't understand some terms or cannot get connected, please read our frequently asked questions.

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