One click Remote Access host module

Many computer users don't have enough skills to install and configure the host module of Remote Desktop Control.

Use this web form to generate a download link for specially preconfigured One click host module. Give this link to remote user via email or instant messenger, all that he/she needs is click and run the program. That's all.

Existing Gateway account (email) * 
Account password (6 chars minimum) * 
Host module password (6 chars minimum) * 

Also you can download this file to your computer and use flash drive or recordable disc to transfer the module onto remote PC. Please, don't rename file, the encoded name contains important information.

Once the preconfigured module is running on remote computer, you'll be able to connect and work on remote PC without any actions on the other side. One click host module is very useful for fast remote assistance and help desk support.

Download information

The latest version of Remote Desktop Control software is, released November 29, 2013. This release is compatible and tested on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.

Remote Desktop Control product is distributed on a Try Before You Buy basis. You can download and evaluate our software absolutely free. The trial version is almost fully functional for 2 computers, but will work for 30 days only.

What makes Remote Desktop Control different from other programs

There are other remote access and remote computer control programs on the market. Main benefits of Remote Desktop Control software are:

  • High speed and performance.
  • File transfer ability allows the user to exchange files between local and remote computers. New feature!
  • Online Internet gateway allows connecting to remote PC behind firewall or when there is no routed IP or IP address changes dynamically. Unique feature!
  • One click host module allows the administrator to access remote computer without any doings on remote side. Very useful for help desk support and for helping unskilled customers. New feature!
  • Low network load, due to optimized data compression algorithms.
  • Strong security and high safety. Challenge-response authentication protocol and a RC4-like encryption algorithm makes the program usage absolutely safe.
  • Multiple and simultaneous connections. With this feature, the network administrator can efficiently control different remote computers simultaneously. Moreover, two or more administrators can control one remote PC at the same time.
  • User-friendly and intuitive graphic interface.
  • Low price and great discount for multiple licenses.

Remote Desktop installs and deploys easily. You do not need to be a computer guru to setup and get our software working.