Registration information

Remote Desktop Control is licensed on a per computer basis, so the minimum number of licenses is 2.

For Standard edition you pay one time only. It includes "Connection by IP-address" and "Connection by ID". There are no annual or hidden fees. Minor updates are included and free. You may use every module (host, admin or both) on each licensed computer. Online Account is not supported by Standard version.

If you want to use Online Account for connection, you should purchase Premium edition. Premium edition includes Standard license plus access to Online Account. There is an annual subscription fee for Account Connection service.

Take a look at large discount for multiple licenses, for example, a license for 10 computers costs less then separate licenses for 8 computers.

How to buy

You can purchase the license on-line either by credit card, bank transfer or check. Ordering by phone, fax, and postal mail is also available, just follow the ordering instructions. The invoice is available for printing on the last page of the purchasing process.

Computers Standard Edition
no Online Account
Premium Edition
Per PCTotal pricePer PCAnnual fee
2 - 4FreeGet For Free$35$70 - $140
5 - 9$20$100 - $180$28$140 - $252
10 - 49$15$150 - $735$22$220 - $1078
50 - 99$10$500 - $990$15$750 - $1485
100 - 499$7$700 - $3493$11$1100 - $5489
500 - 999$4$2000 - $3996$7$3500 - $6993
1000 and more$3from $3000$5from $5000

If you already have standard Standard edition and want to use Account Connection you may purchase Upgrade to Premium Edition

Registered customers of previous (3.x) version can upgrade to 4.0 version with great discount.

Customers who register the current version of Remote Desktop Control software will be entitled to free minor updates (4.1, 4.2, etc). Major updates (4.x to 5.x, for example) may not be free. We will notify our registered customers about updates via email.

Time of delivery

Most users receive the registration email immediately after purchasing. But sometimes the order may not pass the automatic fraud check system. In that case the delivery can be delayed up to 12 hours (depending on your time zone) to process the order manually. If you haven't received the registration key during this period, please contact our sales department as soon as possible.

Licensing and sales policy

  • One license authorizes the use of the software on a single computer. A client part, a server part, or both parts simultaneously.
  • Moving of the licensed software to another computer is allowed only if the previous computer is being totally written off.
  • Publication, transfer or unauthorized selling of the registration information, or some part of it, cancels the license.
  • Minor updates are included and free. Major updates may not be free.
  • We don't retain any credit card or other payment information. We don't process payments directly. Our authorized billing partners do this work.
  • We refund money (during the 30-day period after purchasing) only if a problem occurs with our software and it is confirmed. We don't refund orders for more than 5 licenses. Please test the software compatibility before purchasing multiple licenses.

How to register your copy

You will receive your registration via email. The registration email contains Registration Key and link to download a Full Version package. You should download full-featured version and install Host Module on each computer you want to control remotely. Install Admin Module on your local computer and apply the Registration Key.

You can enter the registration key in following way:

  1. Run Administrator module of Remote Desktop Control software.
  2. Go to Menu->Help->Enter Registration Code.
  3. Enter the registration name and the registration code. You may use a clipboard to copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) text from the registration email.

The registered software doesn't show a trial reminder and a registration data appears in the About dialog. Verify your registration information to make sure you do everything right.